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Something Great is Happening

The dream for Cazador Tacos + Agave began in 2017 with a simple idea that’s grown into an incredible opportunity to make a real impact on the Colorado food scene. To do so, we’ve decided to reach out and get the support of those who believe in our vision. If you choose to join us, you’ll be taking a step towards real change in how food is perceived as part of the farm to fork (or tortilla in this case) movement. If you have any questions about what we are trying to do or the ways in which you can contribute, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Our Mission: Our Mission


Cazador is the flagship concept in the emerging Huffman Hospitality Group, a restaurant group that is focused on providing an experience that goes deeper than just a tasty meal.  We strive to build a sense of community that provides a place of comfort, satisfaction and loyalty for our communities.  Cazador & Huffman Hospitality Group (HHG) strive to work with only the best ingredients from local farms and ranches to ensure that freshness and quality are consistent for every customer served.

Ever wonder what a chef with fine dining and Michelin experience could do with comfort and street food?  Cazador brings you a style of food that embodies both comfort and ultimate flavor with the same attention to detail found in the most elegant restaurants around the world, while still being welcoming to all.  Cazador takes influence from Spanish and Mexican culture to create mouth watering dishes with a high level of sophistication in order to satisfy any craving.    

HHG will be launching in Colorado where relationships with purveyors have been established and a community is known.  From the first restaurant, we will be able to scale to communities and demographics that are appropriate for the brand.  

Our Mission: Text
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